2.0.0 Firmware Update #

November 18th 2022 – v2.0.0 Update (ARDUINO AND DISPLAY UPDATE)

Please read about V2.0.0 firmware features here:

1.4.0 Firmware Update #

January 11th 2022 – v1.4.0 Update (ARDUINO AND DISPLAY UPDATE)

ADDED: FlyByWire A320nx Mod Support, with over 85 custom controls and over 120 variables. Please see a list of complete features and functionality here:
ADDED: Altimeter now switchable between HG / MB.
ADDED: Clicking the encoder with the altimeter value selected (blue) will set the altimeter to STD (29.92)

One Click Update Utility #

September 26th, 2021 – v1.0.0.24

ADDED: Improved workflow for Arduino-only updates on the Echo. Simply select the Arduino code only and leave the display field blank, and press Update.

September 2rrd, 2021 – v1.0.0.23 Initial Release

Nextion NX4827K043 “Enhanced” Display Support #

October 23rd, 2021 – NX4827K043 Display Support

ADDED: Display firmware that will work with the Nextion “Enhanced” displays. These displays perform similar to the Basic ones, and may even be a little snappier. The reason for adding this support is that the basic displays seem to be in short supply at times, and the Enhanced ones make a fine substitution. The firmware is bundled in a zip file on the downloads page. Firmware Update #

September 28th, 2021 – v1.3.0.4 Update (ARDUINO AND DISPLAY UPDATE)

FIXED: Sometimes ALTITUDE selection non responsive due to floating EEPROM values.
CHANGED: WT G1000 NXi support no longer automatic, instead toggled in Settings > Aircraft on the Echo. Please note that the NXi is in beta and some bugs with it are expected. It is recommended that you DISABLE the NXi support while flying non NXi airplanes.
FIXED: Class Echo now shows up as “CLASS ECHO” in SPAD neXt serial monitor. Firmware Update #

September 26th, 2021 – v1.3.0.2 Update (ARDUINO ONLY)

FIXED: Failure when uploading new firmware to brand new screens with low baud rates.
FIXED: Settings toggle to reverse button logic for 100 / 1000 altitude selection now works.
FIXED: Settings toggle for “Auto Append 1” to frequencies now works.
FIXED: WT CJ4 can now adjust altitude by 1000s when pushing single encoder or using outer knob of Elma E-37
ADDED: More robust code for detecting the state of the pushbutton.
ADDED: A message to serial log when the push button is “Pressed” or “Open” to help users detect any issues with internal wiring

NOTES: Arduino update only required. Only select the Arduino firmware in the Class Echo Updater and leave the display field blank. Press Update Class Echo and wait for it to finish. Firmware Update #

September 23rd, 2021 – v1.3.0.1 Update (ARDUINO ONLY)

WORKING TITLE NXI: Fixed issue which reported altitude as “99000” constantly.
WORKING TITLE NXI: Barometer knob now works correctly.

NOTES: Arduino update only required. Only select the Arduino firmware in the Class Echo Updater and leave the display field blank. Press Update Class Echo and wait for it to finish.

1.3.0 Firmware Update #

September 21st 2021

UPDATE PROCEDURE: The Class Echo now has an “SD-less” update procedure! Please click here to learn more.

AIRCRAFT: Support for the Aerosoft CRJ 500/700, with many new custom pages of controls for it.
AIRCRAFT: Working Title CJ4 Support – Autopilot now works, VNAV, and custom GPS control page.

HARDWARE: Support for the Elma E-37 Dual Concentric Encoder from Leo Bodnar.

GENERAL: Version numbers now displayed for the current Arduino/Display Firmware.
GENERAL: New controls on the controls page (Alternator, Battery, Avionics).
GENERAL: New Lighting Control page.
GENERAL: Simulation Rate now controllable from the settings page.
GENERAL: Timeout on blue selections can now be disabled in settings.

AUTOPILOT: Clicking encoder button now syncs heading with HDG, CRS1, CRS2, SPD when values selected.
AUTOPILOT: Speed automatically syncs when FLC is pressed.
AUTOPILOT: DUAL ENCODER: Outer knob adjusts HDG, CRS1, CRS2 in 10s – ALT in 1000s – SPD in 10s.

GPS: Elma encoder works as you would expect with the FMS knob.

GENERAL: Entire codebase refactored to allow for faster development, more expandability and faster performance

1.2.0 Firmware Update #

JANUARY 4th, 2021

MOVED: SETTINGS tab is now the gear icon at the top left of the Flight Info page

GPS: NEW GPS tab is added. This tab includes controls for the G1000, GNS 530 and GNS 430.

GENERAL: FIXED bug that could sometimes cause erroneous AutoPilot display values in the Echo.
GENERAL: FIXED small bug that could sometimes cause COM/NAV values not to sync after entry.
GENERAL: ADDED option to automatically append ‘1’ to the beginning of COM and NAV frequencies.
GENERAL: ADDED option to switch the pushbutton logic on the AutoPilot ALT selector (1000 / 100).
GENERAL: New sanity checks added at start to confirm proper communication between the display and the Arduino.
GENERAL: SPAD neXt connectivity is now displayed on the Splash screen upon boot.

FLIGHT INFO: Local time and ETA now have the same color on the flight info page.

1.1.0 Firmware Update #


GENERAL: UPDATED some font to aviation standard font.
GENERAL: UPDATED look and feel (darker theme).
GENERAL: UPDATED Autopilot Layout – had to be done to accommodate extra functionality. GENERAL: Under the hood changes – allows for significantly more expansion of the Class Echo by optimizing memory. FLIGHT INFO: ADDED Flap Position Information.
FLIGHT INFO: ADDED Elevator Trim Position Information.
FLIGHT INFO: ADDED Annunciators for: Low Fuel, Pitot Heat, Low Volts, Oil Pressure, Gear Warn, Vacuum.
FLIGHT INFO: MOVED Sim Time to Settings Page.

AUTOPILOT: ADDED separate Autopilot controls for Speed FLC.
AUTOPILOT: ADDED Nav button now reflects the source state (green or purple).
AUTOPILOT: ADDED buttons for VNAV (inop), LNAV (inop) and LOC (inop).
AUTOPILOT: FIXED Flight Level Change button now functional.
AUTOPILOT: FIXED Barometric pressure reading sometimes rounds the wrong way.

COMNAV: ADDED transponder keypad page now has ‘VFR’ button option.
COMNAV: FIXED frequency setting / swapping on ADF now works.
COMNAV: FIXED frequency rounding errors on some frequencies (0.550 turned to 0.490).

SYSTEMS: ADDED Throttle position indicator at the top of each throttle quadrant.
SYSTEMS: ADDED Starter hold when starter button is held down.

1.0.0 Firmware – Initial Release #

CLASS ECHO 1.0.0 (Sept 30th, 2020)
– Initial Release.
– For bug reports or feature suggestions, please contact us! Contact page is above ^^


General Flight Information:
Aircraft Callsign (e.g. AS-XGS)Aircraft TypeLocal Time
Universal Time
Simulation Time (Time user has been in sim)
Magnetic Heading
Indicated Airspeed
GPS Track
GPS Groundspeed
Altitude (Indicated)
Wind Speed and Direction
Next GPS Waypoint
Last GPS Waypoint
Distance To Next Waypoint
Estimated Time Enroute (ETE)
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Autopilot Values (Rotary Encoder):
Heading Bug (degrees)
CDI Course 1 and 2 (degrees)
Altitude Selection (feet)
Vertical Speed (feet / min)
Barometric Pressure Setting (Inches of Mercury)

Essential Autopilot Toggles:
Autopilot On / Off
Heading Mode / Roll Mode / Level Mode
Approach Mode
NAV Mode
Flight Director
Yaw Damper
Altitude Hold / Pitch Hold
Vertical Speed Mode
Vertical Nav (Currently INOP)
Flight Level Change (Currently INOP)

COM and NAV Radio Control With Numerical Touchpad:
Com 1 / 2 (Frequencies and swap)
NAV 1 / 2 (Frequencies and swap)
Transponder Code (Set code, and switch On / Off / Alt / Stby)
Autopilot navigation source (NAV1, NAV2, FMS magenta line)
ADF (Frequencies and swap)

Toggle Buttons Controls:
Pitot Heat
Airframe Anti Ice
Windshield Anti Ice
Propeller Anti Ice
Engine 1 / Engine 2 Anti Ice or Inertial Separator
Autopilot/Trim – Off / Trim on / Autopilot and Trim on (TBM950 specific)
Air Bleed Control (Off / On Auto / On Max)
Landing Gear Up/Down (with indicator lights + transition blinking)

Engine and Fuel Systems Information: ** NOTE: MAXIMUM TWO ENGINES
Engine information priority re-arranges dynamically:
– Piston Engines (RPM, GPH, Manifold Pressure)
– Jets (N1%, N2%, ITT)
– Turbines (Torq, N1%, ITT)
Displays the above attributes plus oil temperature and pressure per engine.
Ignition and Starter toggles for both engines.
Main fuel tank and aux fuel tank quantity for Left and Right
Total Fuel Quantity (Displayed on a moving fuel gauge)
Fuel tank selector (TankL, TankR, Both)
Fuel pump 1/2 Toggle Switches
Electrical System Voltage And Amperage

Settings tab:
Device Brightness Slider
Simulation Frame Rate Display

Known Bugs & Issues #

MSFS 2020 issue: Certain barometric settings (e.g. 30.00, 30.12..) will take two clicks of the wheel to move past.
MSFS 2020 issue: VNAV / LNAV / LOC is currently INOP due to MSFS2020 not having functionality yet.
MSFS 2020 issue: IDENT is currently INOP due to MSFS2020 not having functionality yet.
MSFS 2020 issue: Airliners in general are a little janky when it comes to AutoPilot. MSFS side development issue.
Aircraft issue: CJ4 Ignition not currently controllable (logic error in the model itself).
General: Gear Warning annunciator currently INOP.
General: Amperage not displayed on systems page.

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