Class Echo Introduction

Class Echo Introduction

The Class Echo simulator panel is a controller made specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It takes many of the most common controls and puts them at your finger tips.

No longer do you have to pan around the cockpit and zoom into autopilot, radio, COM and NAV panels. Autopilot values are selected easily using the touch screen and physical rotary encoder. COM and NAV frequencies are swapped with a touch, and input is done with a responsive touch screen number pad. Essential information about your flight, fuel and engines are displayed onscreen in an easy to read layout.

The Echo solves many problems faced by simmers who want to expand their flight-sim experience:

  • Typical flight-sim hardware takes up a lot of desk space.
  • Many modules are needed for traditional push-button boxes to cover a wide range of controls
  • Hardware that stops working or breaks is not easily serviceable by the user due to the complexity of custom PCB’s and difficult to find components.
  • Flight-sim hardware can be very expensive, especially the kinds that will produce a rich readout of flight data.

Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or feature requests in regards to the Class Echo on our Contact Page.

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