Connecting to the Simulator

Connecting to the Simulator

Have all programs running. #

Please have the following programs running and loaded:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, loaded with aircraft on the ramp.
  • SPAD.neXt, loaded to the intial home screen

Enter IPV4 address into Class Echo Mobile. #

Enter the local IPV4 address of your simulator computer into Class Echo Mobile.

Please see this tutorial if you need assistance:

Windows Defender Setup. #

1) Open port 28001 in Windows Defender.

Ensure port 28001 is unblocked in windows defender so SPAD.neXt may communicate with your Class Echo device. Please see this tutorial video if you need assistance:

2) Allow the SPAD.neXt application to communicate over the network:

In Windows Defender, click “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”

Scroll down the list until you see SPAD.neXt. Ensure the box with your current network type is ticked (select both private and public if you’re unsure)

Connect & Enter API Key #

Press the “Connect” button on Class Echo Mobile.

The Class Echo Mobile will request a four digit API key from SPAD.neXt. This should pop up automatically in SPAD.

Don’t see the API key? It is possible something is blocking the connection between SPAD and your mobile device. Please see the troubleshooting guide HERE.

Check “Panels Tab” #

Check the “Panels” tab of SPAD.neXt (third tab from the top). You should see “Class Echo Mobile” listed as a device.

Create SPAD Profiles #

Please follow the link above to create profiles and load device snippets to complete setting up your Echo Mobile.

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