Custom Controls Pages

Custom Controls Pages

Echo is now getting custom control page templates that are renamable and assignable. The “General” page will remain constant, but on a generic profile the other four pages will be customizable:

  • Page tabs can be assigned a name of your choosing
  • A series of control page templates is available to choose from
  • You can use the same template as many times as you wish

Specifying Control Page Assignments #

On the “SPLASH” screen, the last four rows of the second (smaller) display UI have labels (in this example). If labels are not present, you can create them yourself:

  • Click on the second display UI in SPAD while the SPLASH screen is active.
  • Click “Add Event” > Change Display Row (4-7).

Take note of the format:


a) The number represents the controls page template you want to use (currently 1-5 but will grow)

b) The dash is required, please keep it in

c) the "Name" represents the name of the tab that will show up in controls

Control Page Templates #

Below are the currently available templates that you may use. If you have any ideas for another layout that you would like to see, please contact us with a crude sketch and we will consider adding it!






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