Firmware V2 Overview

Firmware V2 Overview

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What Is New In Firmware V2? #

Class Echo Firmware v2.0.0 marks the next step in the Echo development and a huge leap forward for user configurability, future-proofing the device, and expanding compatibility to many more aircraft. Here are the highlights:

User Programming Capabilities

Users are now able to program:

  • All buttons. Users can change the following properties of each button: Color, label, logic and functionality.
  • All data readouts. The data source and display format can be changed by the user.
  • All hotspots and knobs. Knob labels can also be changed.

See the programming guide here.

Aircraft Profiles

Class Echo now uses SPAD aircraft profiles. If you are not used to using aircraft profiles in SPAD, now is a good time to start as there are many advantages to doing so.

Please see the getting started guide located here to get more information on setting those up.

Custom Controls Page Templates

The ‘generic’ controls pages have been further refined for default aircraft. Users can now specify if an airplane is complex or has an APU, and they will get a different controls page for each of those options.

Class Echo now has a ‘custom’ controls tab that allows users to assign an array of buttons or knobs to a function of their choosing.

Systems Page Changes

Users can now specify the number of engines an airplane has, and will be presented with a different systems page readout depending on the selection. (1 and 2 engine aircraft only at this time, but future updates will support up to four engines)

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