ii. Arduino Wiring Installation

Wires! Pay close attention to the wire colours – your Echo kit will come with the exact wires pictured.


Parts Required #

  • Four Male to Male 20cm Dupont Connectors (Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow).
  • Five Male to Female 20cm Dupont Connectors (Black, Purple, Grey, Blue, White).

Power Wires #

Connect the power wires to the power rail as shown:

  • White Male – Female wire to VIN
  • Black Male – Female wire to GND
  • Brown Male – Male wire to GND
  • Red Male – Male wire to 5V

  • Secure and cable manage the Power Wires by slipping a zip tie through the slot behind the connectors, and securing the scales.
  • NOTE: Make sure the bare terminals of the connectors are facing outward, as shown, to help minimize a short circuit risk.

Data Wire Installation #

  • Fish the Red and Brown Power Wires through the hooks on the top of the shell, toward the left.
  • Fish the Yellow and Orange Data Wires through the same hooks, as shown.

Plug in the Orange and Yellow Data Wires protruding from the right of the holes you fished them through:

  • Orange Male – Male wire to Pin 19(RX1)
  • Yellow Male – Male wire to Pin 18(TX1)

Encoder Wire Installation #

Last step in this stage! You can do it! Plug the Grey, Purple and Blue Encoder Wires into the follow pins:

  • Grey Male – Female wire to Pin 2
  • Purple Male – Female wire to Pin 3
  • Blue Male – Female wire to Pin 4

Grab two more zip ties for some cable management!

  • Group the Encoder wires, Data Wires and the White and Black Power Wires as shown.
  • Secure them together with two zip ties. This doesn’t have to look exactly like the picture, but the idea is that grouping them together will help them stay plugged in as a group.

Display Connector Wiring #

  • Connect the display adapter pins that comes with the Display to the Arduino power and data lines:
  • Blue Display female – > Orange Arduino Male
  • Yellow Display female -> Yellow Arduino Male
  • Black Display female -> Brown Arduino Male
  • Red Display female -> Red Arduino Male
  • Make sure to secure the connections together with a small strip of tape, covering the joint between the wires and the bare metal contacts.

Done This Stage! #

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Take a bow, show off your work, and take a second to stretch before moving on to the next build phase.

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