iii. Display Installation

The Display screws in with four attachment points – but there is a trick…


Parts Required #

  • Class Echo Front Face.
  • 4 x 5mm M3 Screws.
  • Nextion Display 4.3 inch NX4827T043 “Basic” version.

Display Orientation #

  • Orient the display as shown in the photo, so that the white connector is on the opposite side of the Encoder hole.

Securing The Display #

  • Start by carefully threading in the top two screws. DO NOT tighten the screws at this point – the display should still be a little loose until the last step.
  • WARNING: Over tightening the display can damage the panel. Only tighten as much as needed to secure the display from moving during the final step of this process (aka – not yet).
  • The back screws are inaccessible from the front of the unit – but the Echo Front Face has holes located in the base of the unit where you can send an Allan key through to secure the display as shown.
  • When all screws are in place – visit all four points and give them a very, very light tighten. No need to overdo it!

Getting close! #

Hopefully securing the display didn’t make you sweat too much. Just take your time and don’t bolt it to the frame like a hurricane is coming. Onto the encoder installation!

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