Profile Publishing Guide & Standards

Profile Publishing Guide & Standards

Please use the following conventions when publishing device snippets for Class Echo – we want the library to be well curated and easy to use and understand.

Making Profiles Tips & Tricks #

START WITH A TEMPLATE! – no need to reinvent the wheel. Making a single engine aircraft? Use the C172 or Bonanza template. Twin? Use the DA-62. You can change the names but most of the work will be done, as aircraft adaptions usually come down to a few custom controls and maybe some autopilot changes.

Setting Aircraft Parameters #

There are three parameters to set on the splash screen:

  • SPAD PROFILE: This is the name of the aircraft that you can manually type in. I use this to enable special features for certain aircraft (CRJ, A320, Soon 737). You can type in Anything.
  • # ENGINES: Currently 1 or 2. Depending on the selection the systems page will change layouts now.
  • COMPLEX: Does it have gear or not? Say “NO” or “YES”.

These parameters are Display rows 1-3 on the smaller display UI under “SPLASH”.

Rows 1-3 of the “AIRCRAFT” display element are where Echo options live.

How To Publish Complete Device Snippets #

PUBLISHING A COMPLETE PROFILE (Publishes all pages for the whole device):

  • Click on any UI element on any page that has an ASSIGNED FUNCTION
  • Press “Publish”
  • FORMAT the name as “Class Echo – Aircraft Name”
  • Enter a short description – this is carried through and can be updated as you update the profile (allowing users to see what changes have been made)
  • Select MSFS

If this is your first time publishing this snippet, press submit – if not, pressing the “Select Snippet” button will allow you to find the original listing for the snippet and allow you to update it.

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