iv. Mounting The Echo (Optional)

The Echo includes mounting holes for the following hardware: Honeycomb Alpha, Honeycomb Bravo, Saitek / Proflight Yoke. It can also be used standalone, so no worries if you don’t have any of that hardware!


Mounting: Honeycomb Alpha Example #

  • Remove the three screws closest to the right of the unit.
  • NOTE: one of the screws may not be long enough to accept the echo frame properly. If that is the case, remove the second screw from the right and replace it with the shorter screw – this will give you three long screws to work with.
  • Line the Echo mounting holes up with the holes on your device and insert the screws.
  • Carefully use your Allen key to screw the frame down.
  • ALWAYS watch to make sure you aren’t scraping the bare circuit board with your Allen Key.
  • DO NOT over tighten the screws at the end, as overdoing it may split the plastic frame.

Easy Peasey! #

Looking good! Now it’s time to wire up the encoder, upload the firmware and get this bad boy fired up.

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