vii. Final Assembly

vii. Final Assembly

You did it! Its time to flash the firmware and button up the box!

100 %

Uploading The Firmware #

At this stage, it is good to upload the firmware so that you can catch any issues with wiring or components.

Please see the FIRST FIRMWARE UPLOAD GUIDE for instructions – then come back here.

Closing the Back Shell #

Making sure not to get any wires either unplugged or pinched in the frame, close up the back shell.

  • Use two M3 x 10mm screws in the holes on the bottom.
  • Put a little pressure on the Back Shell to make sure you get a good seal between the Back Shell and the Main Frame.
  • Screw in the Front Face screws. Take your time and use a little pressure to get started, as these screws are self-tapping. No need to over-torque these screws either!
  • Press on the encoder knob from the front. Pictured here is an aftermarket knob (a guitar knob from Amazon). Any guitar knob will work, and there are thousands of styles out there.
  • The Echo’s Encoder comes with a stock Encoder knob, so there is no need to purchase one.

Congratulations. Finished! #

You made it to the end, and I hope you enjoyed the challenge of the build experience. The next step is Getting Connected To SPAD NeXt!

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