What will I need to complete the Echo?

The Class Echo does not come as a complete kit. After purchasing the ETSY listing, you will need to obtain the: Display , Arduino and SPAD neXt Software.

Display #

  • Nextion Display 4.3 inch NX4827T043 “Basic” version.
  • Available on Amazon(CAD), Amazon(USA), Aliexpress, Banggood.
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT purchase the K043 ‘enhanced’ version – Ensure your display is both 4.3 inches and the T043 (last four digits) in the product code.

Arduino #

MicroSD Card #

  • One microSD card
  • Capacity 8 to 32 GB
  • Class ’10’ (see green circle in the picture)
  • A method of writing data from the computer to the SD card (such as the USB dongle pictured).

SPAD neXt Software #

  • SPAD neXt simulator controller software. SPAD is a robust software that can interface dozens of different controller combinations with MSFS2020.
  • The “MSFS/FSX/P3D Edition” is required.
  • Please click here to purchase.
  • Class Echo customers will receive a 25% discount coupon to SPAD neXt on request!

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