Arduino Buyers Guide

The Arduino AT MEGA 2560 R3 is the ‘motherboard’ of the Echo. It is an open source hardware, so you may find ‘clones‘ from different manufacturers – many of these will work fine, if the steps below are followed:

Good Arduino!

  • The Arduino you want is one with a ‘16U2′ chipset – this refers to the USB controller that is located in the circle in the picture.
  • The 16U2 chipset is SQUARE.

Bad Arduino!

  • The Arduino with the CH340 chipset has been known to have serial communication problems – that means that it may not properly communicate with the display.
  • The CH340 chipset is RECTANGULAR – and looks a little like a caterpillar!

Bad Arduino!

  • Any Arduino trying to be “Fancy” with additions or extra selling features.
  • Avoid “WIFI” boards, or “Development” boards.
  • If in doubt, contact us and send over your product link for a second opinion!

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