PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a complete kit. Extra parts must be purchased separately. TOTAL COST (Including this listing) will be $150-$180 USD. This item requires assembly. The plastic frame is durable and 3D-Printed. Please scroll past the description for more information.

PREORDER INFORMATION: This product will launch in October 2020. You will receive login information with your shipped order to download the firmware. In the meantime, you can order the remaining parts you need. Please see the documentation for a parts list:


The Class Echo simulator panel is a controller made specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It takes many of the most common controls and puts them at your finger tips. No longer do you have to pan around the cockpit and zoom into autopilot, radio, COM and NAV panels. Autopilot values are selected easily using the touch screen and physical rotary encoder. COM and NAV frequencies are swapped with a touch, and input is done with a responsive touch screen number pad. Essential information about your flight, fuel and engines are displayed onscreen in an easy to read layout.


Purchasing this Etsy product buys you the following items:

1) The plastic frame mount with screw hardware (3D Printed).
2) A product licence for the Arduino and LCD firmware (Lifetime updates as product develops)
3) 25% discount on a Spad.neXt FSX/P3D interface licence upon request

What ELECTRONIC HARDWARE you will need to complete the kit: (Amazon, Ebay, Local shops, Aliexpress, Banggood)

1) One Nextion NX4827T043 4.3 Inch HMI Display (Get the basic – not the enhanced)
2) One Arduino Mega ATMega2560 microcontroller
3) One rotary encoder (Either EC11 or KY-040 – encoder attached to breakout board with pins).
4) Four male to male, five male to female DuPont connector wires (often included in popular packs of 120 dupont wires)

What SOFTWARE you will need to complete the kit:

1) One Spad Next FSX/P3D Licence (Purchasing this Etsy listing gets you a 25% discount on the licence on request):
2) Class Echo Micro-controller & Display firmware (Included with this listing and free lifetime updates / feature enhancement – download information will be sent to you).


General Flight Information:

– Aircraft Callsign (e.g. AS-XGS)
– Aircraft Type
– Local Time
– Universal Time
– Simulation Time (Time user has been in sim)

– Magnetic Heading
– Indicated Airspeed
– GPS Track
– GPS Groundspeed
– Altitude (Indicated)
– Wind Speed and Direction

– Next GPS Waypoint
– Last GPS Waypoint
– Distance To Next Waypoint
– Estimated Time Enroute (ETE)
– Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Select And Change The Following Autopilot Values (Rotary Encoder):

– Heading Bug (degrees)
– CDI Course 1 and 2 (degrees)
– Altitude Selection (feet)
– Vertical Speed (feet / min)
– Barometric Pressure Setting (Inches of Mercury)

Essential Autopilot Toggles:

– Autopilot On / Off
– Heading Mode / Roll Mode / Level Mode
– Approach Mode
– NAV Mode
– Flight Director
– Yaw Damper
– Altitude Hold / Pitch Hold
– Vertical Speed Mode
– Vertical Nav (Currently INOP)
– Flight Level Change (Currently INOP)

COM and NAV Radio Control With Numerical Touchpad:

– Com 1 / 2 (Frequencies and swap)
– NAV 1 / 2 (Frequencies and swap)
– Transponder Code (Set code, and switch On / Off / Alt / Stby)
– Autopilot navigation source (NAV1, NAV2, FMS magenta line)
– ADF (Frequencies and swap)

Toggle Buttons Controls:

– Pitot Heat
– Airframe Anti Ice
– Windshield Anti Ice
– Propeller Anti Ice
– Engine 1 / Engine 2 Anti Ice or Intertial Separator
– Autopilot/Trim – Off / Trim on / Autopilot and Trim on (TBM950 specific)
– Air Bleed Control (Off / On Auto / On Max)
– Landing Gear Up/Down (with indicator lights + transition blinking)

Engine and Fuel Systems Information: ** NOTE: MAXIMUM TWO ENGINES

– Engine information priority re-arranges dynamically:
– Piston Engines (RPM, GPH, Manifold Pressure)
– Jets (N1%, N2%, ITT)
– Turbines (Torq, N1%, ITT)
– Displays the above attributes plus oil temperature and pressure per engine.
– Ignition and Starter toggles for both engines.
– Main fuel tank and aux fuel tank quantity for Left and Right
– Total Fuel Quantity (Displayed on a moving fuel gauge)
– Fuel tank selector (TankL, TankR, Both)
– Fuel pump 1/2 Toggle Switches
– Electrical System Voltage And Amperage

Settings tab:

– Device Brightness Slider
– Simulation Frame Rate Display