**DOES NOT include the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. This product is an accessory for it.

This is a Yoke Kneeboard for the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls. It fits snugly onto the yoke. The insides of the clamp are lined with foam, ensuring that your yoke won’t be scratched by the plastic. The clamp comes in a completed state and simply needs installation. Installation is easy with the swinging arms and two point securing.

The plate portion is 100mm wide x 175mm tall. Item is 3D printed from very durable materials. Comes with a 2.5mm hex key for installation.


– The paper clip is not included.
– It is possible to mount some tablets or phones to this item. To do so, purchase a case of your choice that is suitable to the device and then affix it to the front of the clipboard using an adhesive (epoxy may work, depending on the composition of your case). Note that this is a permanent solution and won’t be removable if you wanted to use it as a clipboard again, unless you devise a method of doing so.