ShakePrint HUD adds situational awareness and a third dimension to your flights!

ShakePrint HUD is an affordable and unique heads up display for your flight simulator (Currently for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020). HUD puts all the sensitive data pertaining to successful flight, navigation, approach, and landing in front of you. Use HUD in ‘Standalone’ mode with the phone in front of you, or pair with some hardware and project the information between yourself and the simulator. HUD makes following the flight director as easy as ever, showing your flight path, pitch, and the ‘Ball and bird’ style of GPS / VOR navigation. HUD is equipped with three modes depending on the phase of flight – ‘on ground’, ‘in flight’ and ‘on approach’.

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ShakePrint HUD Requires SPAD.neXt installation.

Spad.neXt is a simulator interface that brokers the information between the simulator and ShakePrint HUD. Download Spad HERE. Purchase the “MSFS/FSX/P3D Edition”.