Etsy Class Echo Kit Contents

When you receive your Class Echo kit, it will contain the: Frame, Screw Hardware, Encoder / Wiring, and you will be granted access to download Device Firmware:

Frame Kit #

  • The casing of the Class Echo is made from a durable & environmentally friendly 3D printed plastic.
  • Mounting points for all the electronic components are pre-formed into the shell.
  • A high-quality 3M carbon fiber vinyl covers the front surface.

Screw Hardware #

All required fasteners for the build are included in the kit:

  • Eight M3 x 5mm screws and Four M3 x 10mm screws.
  • One 2.5mm Allen key for use with the screws.
  • Five zip ties for wiring cable management.

Encoder / Wiring #

  • One EC-11 rotary encoder and knob is included. If you want to move to a different knob style, the encoder will accept any standard guitar knob – lots of aftermarket knobs to be had of different styles!
  • All wiring required for the project is included. This is four male to male dupont connectors, and five male to female dupont connectors. The wire colors correspond with those on the build video + instructions.

Device Firmware #

  • Each class echo comes with one license for the device firmware. This includes the firmware for both the Arduino and the Display – everything you will need to get running!
  • Customers will receive lifetime firmware updates for free as the product has features added.
  • The firmware is a download and not physically included in the shipment.

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