Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Various issues can prevent Class Echo Mobile from connecting to your simulator computer. Please try the following steps if you are having connection issues:

Review the Connection Document #

Please review the steps listed here for connecting to the simulator:

Pay special attention to the Windows Defender Setup – you must both allow port 28001 through the Defender firewall, and ensure that the SPAD app has network access by ticking the boxes.

Test SPAD.neXt WebSocket Availability on the Network. #


SPAD.neXt hosts a local webpage that will indicate if you are able to access it through the network or not. Please follow these steps:

On your Simulator computer, ensure SPAD.neXt is open fully. Open a web browser and visit:

If you get a connection error or 404 message, it is likely that either Windows Defender is not properly configured or another firewall software is blocking the port.

If the “SPAD.neXt SSE Host” webpage loads, SPAD is able to communicate locally on your computer. Please move on to the next step.


On your Mobile Device that you will be running Class Echo Mobile on, please visit: http://yourIPV4address:28001.

“yourIPV4address” will be replaced with your Simulator computer’s local network IP address. For example:

If the same webpage loads from Step 1, your device should be able to reach SPAD.neXt through the network, and Class Echo Mobile should be able to communicate with SPAD. If it doesn’t load, one of the following may be happening:

– Windows Defender isn’t allowing outbound connections
– Another firewall on your computer is blocking the connection
– Your home router is blocking the port on the local network.

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