Working Title CJ4 Mod Specific Controls

Enabling Working Title CJ4 Support #

  • Ensure that the “WORKING TITLE CJ4 SUPPORT” toggle is blue in the ‘Aircraft’ tab in settings.
  • Finding Settings: Navigate to the ‘Flight Info’ tab, click the gear in the top left hand corner.

WT CJ4 Custom GPS Controls Page #

When CJ4 mode is enabled and the WT CJ4 is the active aircraft, the GPS page will automatically display a custom layout for CJ4-Specific controls.

  1. NAV Source (VOR 1 & 2 / FMS)
  2. PFD Menu
  3. Menu Escape
  4. Electronic Timer (PFD stopwatch)
  5. Compass Format
  6. Terrain / Weather Display
  7. Traffic Display
  8. Barometer adjustment Knob
  9. PFD Menu Data Knob
  10. PFD Menu Data Knob ‘Push to Select’
  11. PFD Map Range Knob

WT CJ4 AutoPilot Page #

  • When the WT CJ4 is the active aircraft, some autopilot buttons will be a red color instead of blue. This is an indicator that ‘CJ4 Mode’ is active.
  • The VNAV button is active for the WT CJ4

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