Getting Connected To SPAD neXt

SPAD neXt is a powerful interfacing program that serves the Class Echo information from the simulator.

Getting SPAD neXt #

Purchase SPAD neXt here:

  • Purchase the MSFS / FSX / P3D edition
  • Note: Please contact us through ETSY for a 25% discount coupon!

Download and install

Setting Up SPAD neXt #

Setup Wizard

When first starting SPAD, it will take you through a setup wizard. It is important that you indicate that you are connecting to your simulator using SimConnect.

Connecting To The Class Echo #

Navigate to Settings – > Devices – > Serial Devices

  • Click “Add New Device”.
  • Serial Port: Your Arduino serial port.
  • Speed: 115200
  • Thats it!

Press “OK”, and then CLOSE and OPEN Spad again. Go back to the Serial Devices settings and turn your com port ON. RESTART SPAD.

Enabling LVARS (January 2021 BETA) #

Switching To SPAD Beta

As it is a beta, DO NOT USE unless you are willing to lose your SPAD data or bindings.


IF you do not enable the Beta LVAR features, Firmware v1.2.0 will still work fine – you just won’t be able to use the GPS tab.

LVARS are required to use the new GPS tab of the Class Echo for controlling the G1000 / GNS 530 / GNS 430. It is currently a Beta feature in SPAD. Please follow these steps to gain access to the features.

Go to Settings – > Application Settings – > Expert -> Select “Beta” from Update Channel. RESTART SPAD NEXT.

  • After SPAD neXt updates, please CLOSE SPAD.

Installing the LVAR Bridge

  • Go to the SPAD neXt GamePlugins folder. On our PC, it is: C:\Program Files\SPAD.neXt\GamePlugins
  • Find Extract it’s contents to your MSFS 2020 COMMUNITY folder. e.g. packages\community\spad-bridge-module

Open SPAD next and turn on LVAR support in Settings – > Application Settings – > Simulations – > LVAR Support.

Enjoy the new G1000 / GNS 530 / 430 features on the Class Echo!

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