Pairing An External Knob

Pairing An External Knob

Which Encoder Knobs Can You Use? #

Class Echo can utilize any SPAD.neXt compatible encoder knob. This could be:

  • Knobster
  • SPADster (Open Source DIY Encoder Controller)
  • Class Echo Mobile Cradle + Encoder (Coming Soon)
  • Class Echo Desktop knob on a specific page (e.g. Flight Info)

How To Control Echo Mobile Encoder Externally #

Setting up the external knob for Echo Mobile simply requires that you send a LOCAL: variable commands to tell it which knob action you wish to perform.

Begin by locating the Knob UI – this could look like a knob as pictured, or in some cases it could look like four buttons (each button representing Inner and Outer Clockwise / Counterclockwise movement)

Locate the Knob UI in SPAD (could also just look like buttons)

Click Add Event. In this case, we will see a selection of knob actions. If you are using buttons, it will probably take you directly to the next screen. If using the Knob UI, select the first event listed.

In the next dialogue, select Add Action > Change Data Value.

Select Browse next to the Target label.

Click on the “Local” label and search for “Class Echo”

You will see a variable called “CLASS ECHO MOBILE **: ENCODERCONTROL. Select this variable. Note that the number in the name reflects the device index for the echo you are trying to control.

Set the Static Value as “-100”

Select OK on all the dialogues.

Repeat these steps for all four events. The Static Values you want to set are as follows:

  • (Outer) Counterclockwise: -100
  • (Outer) Clockwise: 100
  • (Inner) Counterclockwise: -1
  • (Inner) Clockwise: 1

Special Notes #

Because SPAD.neXt uses profiles, you will need to do this on every profile you use with Class Echo. The easiest way is to use “CTRL + SHIFT + A” to copy all knob events, or use import to import settings from another profile if using a Knobster (Edit Event > Import)

Example Configurations #

Here is an example configuration for a KNOB UI in SPAD (as pictured above). To use it, simply copy and paste these lines of code into SPAD while the knob UI element is selected.

Note in this code the words “CLASSECHOMOBILE0” show up 4 times. This event will work for a Class Echo Mobile at “Device Index 0”. If you want to use it with another device index echo, simply change “CLASSECHOMOBILE0” to “CLASSECHOMOBILExxxx” (xxxx being the device index number of your Echo Mobile)

<BaseEvent xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" BoundTo="ENCODER_1" xmlns="">
    <EventDefinition Trigger="TUNER_OUTER_COUNTERCLOCKWISE">
        <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LOCAL:SHAKEPRINT/CLASS ECHO/CLASSECHOMOBILE0/ENCODERCONTROL" Value="-100" />
    <EventDefinition Trigger="TUNER_OUTER_CLOCKWISE">
        <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LOCAL:SHAKEPRINT/CLASS ECHO/CLASSECHOMOBILE0/ENCODERCONTROL" Value="100" />
    <EventDefinition Trigger="TUNER_INNER_COUNTERCLOCKWISE">
        <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LOCAL:SHAKEPRINT/CLASS ECHO/CLASSECHOMOBILE0/ENCODERCONTROL" Value="-1" />
    <EventDefinition Trigger="TUNER_INNER_CLOCKWISE">
        <EventActionChangeValue TargetDataDefinition="LOCAL:SHAKEPRINT/CLASS ECHO/CLASSECHOMOBILE0/ENCODERCONTROL" Value="1" />

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