v. Encoder Installation & Display Connection

v. Encoder Installation & Display Connection

Next you need to plug in & wire the Encoder – you’ve plugged in wires before, you got this!

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Display Connection #

  • Connect the Display to the Display Connector that you wired up during the Arduino Installation
  • This connector can require a slight bit of force to seat properly.

Encoder Installation #

  • Install the EC-11 Encoder from behind the front face, with the Encoder pins oriented upward.
  • Put the washer on the Encoder shaft, and then thread the encoder nut into place.
  • Secure the Encoder nut with a gentle twist using a pair of pliers, if possible (careful not to scratch the front face – not much force is required to tighten)

Wiring The Encoder #

  • Black Male – Female wire to GND
  • Grey Male – Female wire to SW1
  • Purple Male – Female wire to SW2
  • Blue Male – Female wire to KEY
  • White Male – Female wire to 5V +

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