Setting Up SPAD.neXt For Class Echo

Setting Up SPAD.neXt For Class Echo

SPAD.neXt Overview #

  • SPAD.neXt allows users to assign controls and actions to many different devices. Class Echo is one of those devices.
  • SPAD uses PROFILES that you can switch between in order to have different switch and data functions appear on your device for different aircraft.

Profiles Overview #

To use Class Echo with SPAD, you must create one PROFILE per airframe that you want to fly. You must assign the correct aircraft to this profile, and usually any liveries that you will use from that aircraft.

You can either assign the aircraft and liveries to the profile manually, or assign it using the SPAD popup that occurs when an unassigned airplane is loaded in your simulator.

Creating Profiles #

Open Microsoft Flight Simulator and load into a parking area with your aircraft.

  1. Open SPAD neXt and navigate to the PROFILES tab.
  2. On the right hand side, click “Create Empty Profile
  3. Enter the name of the airframe you are creating the profile for. In this case, it is the Cessna 172 with the G1000 avionics package.
Creating a new profile

Next, you will assign aircraft to the profile. This will ensure the profiles loads automatically when SPAD detects the aircraft is loaded in the simulator.

  1. Make sure the profile you want to modify is selected. Double click it – you should see the red SPAD airplane beside the profile name to indicate it is active.
  2. On the right hand side, click “Aircraft Assignments
  3. Locate the aircraft you want to assign to the profile in the browser.
  4. Highlight the aircraft variants and click the right hand arrow to assign them to the profile. Notice in this case, we have three variants of the G1000 C172 assigned.
  5. Press SAVE.
Assigning the proper aircraft

Loading Class Echo Device Snippets #

Now that you have created a profile and activated it, we can assign a device snippet to the Class Echo. In Echo V2 firmware, device snippets allow a highly customized experience for each airframe.

  1. Navigate to the PANELS tab.
  2. Select the CLASS ECHO device you want to apply the device snippet to.
  3. You should see the generic UI in the main window. Click on any of the buttons, labels or displays presented.
  4. On the lower right hand side, click “Online Snippets“.
Loading device snippet

Select the proper aircraft device snippet from the list of online profiles.

  1. Expand the CLASS ECHO category and highlight “Complete Device”.
  2. Locate the snippet from the “Name” column.
  3. You can see who made the snippet in the “Author” column. ShakePrint#7972 profiles are from ShakePrint simulations, but you will also see other profiles there published by users.
  4. Click “OK”. Select “YES” when prompted whether you would like to replace all events/pages defined for this device.
Selecting Device Snippet

If any aircraft is missing that you would like, please contact us and we can investigate adding it!

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